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HPV infections can lead to certain types of cancer in men and women. Did you know HPV can cause 6 types of cancers? HPV can cause cancers of the cervix, vagina, and vulva. It can also cause cancer of the penis. In both women and men, HPV can cause cancers of the anus and back of throat which includes the base of the tongue and tonsils (oropharynx).

To learn how you and your loved ones can be affected by HPV click here to be taken to The Center for Disease Control and Prevention Website. According to the CDC, each year the number of people affected by cancers caused by HPV could be drastically lowered and eventually eliminated. Take time to educate yourself and visit the resources listed below. Learn how to protect yourself and your children from HPV-related cancers.


HPV Epidemic Video

someone you love

Narrated by Vanessa Williams, this poignant documentary takes a look into the lives of five women affected by HPV (Human Papilloma Virus), the virus that causes several types of cancer, including cervical. Each of these woman has an intimate story to tell. For Susie, Tamika and Christine, it’s a story of survivorship that comes with misconceptions, stigma, shame, heartbreak, pain and triumph. For the Forbes’ family, it’s about coping with the loss of their daughter Kristen and trying to prevent it from happening to others like her. Others like Kelly, who at 31 years began her cancer journey. The cameras follow Kelly on her epic battle to save her marriage, her career, her family and ultimately, her life.

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