Diane's STORY

August 12, 2009 would have been a day like any other for Diane Crawford had that not been the day she learned she had cervical cancer. Two weeks earlier, a routine appointment with her gynecologist revealed abnormal cells in her cervix. One week later, a colposcopy was performed which confirmed she did indeed have cervical cancer. On September 1st, Diane endured a radical hysterectomy. Fortunately, her cancer was caught early and no further treatment was necessary. Thanks to early detection and the quick work of her medical team, Diane is now cancer free.

Her first thoughts after diagnosis were of her husband, Andy, and their three children – where anyone’s head would turn in similar circumstances. What will not surprise you if you know Di's personally is that her next thoughts were about helping others. What could she do to ensure no other family had to hear that a loved one had cervical cancer? Speaking up for those who are afraid or who can't, and helping others is what The Crawford Crew is about.

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