Diane’s Story

cervical cancer preventionAugust 12, 2009 would have been a day like any other for Diane Crawford had that not been the day she learned she had cervical cancer. Two weeks earlier, a routine appointment with her gynecologist revealed abnormal cells in her cervix. A few weeks after that, she endured a radical hysterectomy. Thanks to early detection and the quick work of her doctors, Diane is now cancer free.

Her first thoughts after diagnosis were of her husband, Andy, and their three children where anyone’s head would turn in similar circumstances. What will not surprise you if you know Di personally is that her next thoughts were about helping others. Helping others is what The Crawford Crew is about. Below is a Timeline of The Crawford Crew Foundation.


  • OCTOBER 2010
  • SEPTEMBER 2011
    • TCC held the Drive Against Cancer golf outing.
  • JANUARY 2013 and 2014
    • TCC hosted the 2nd and 3rd Annual RAR.
  • SEPTEMBER 2015
    • RAR experienced significant growth in our 3rd year, raising $34,000 and hosting 220 guests.
  • JANUARY 2017
    • TCC hosted the 5th Annual RAR and raised $52,000 and hosted 304 guests.
  • APRIL 2017
    • As a result of the success of Raise A Racket 2017 we were able to increase our level of support of The Ohio State University – Wexner Medical Center. We directed $100,000 to The James Division of Gynecologic Oncology for two critical initiatives, The Patient Navigator and The Specimen Collection Research Analyst. For more specifics about these programs and other information about Your Donations at Work check out the What’s Happening with TCC in any issue of our RAISE newsletter.
  • SPRING 2017
    • TCC launched our Junior Board with 18 middle school through college aged members. This amazing and energetic group of young adults immediately jumped in and established a goal of planning a fundraiser and awareness event.
  • SUMMER 2017
    • Inaugural Save our Sisters 5K was hosted by our Junior Board. Over 140 participants came out and $1,000 was raised for breast and cervical cancer patient support.
  • JANUARY 2018
    • TCC will host the 6th Annual RAR on January 20, 2018.